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Classic, Rare, RV & Bus Parts

Classic, Rare, RV and Bus Parts Across Canada

We know the challenges associated with a business that involves vintage vehicles. Getting spare parts for rare cars, RVs and buses on time may seem like a herculean task! However, when it comes to glass, there is no need to juggle around a lot! For classic, rare, RV and bus parts in Canada, turn to any of the seven distribution centres of Independent Glass Distributors Ltd located across the country. We are one of the most reputable auto glass distribution companies in Canada. We can accommodate the needs of any business that is looking for a distributor to provide a classic, rare automobile, RV or bus windshields, or auto glass. Get in touch with us to learn about our competitive prices.

One-point Source for Vintage Automotive Glass

Are you running a specialized auto glass repair/install shop that deals with RVs, buses, classic, or rare cars? If so, you can turn to us for all your auto glass needs. Please fill out the attached forms and email it to us at You can also send them to any of our seven distribution centres.


Download the below Request Form


RV, Bus Form

Auto Glass Request Form


Classic and Rare Auto Glass Distributors

If you’re finding it hard to get classic automotive glass products, it means you haven’t contacted  Independent Glass Distributors Ltd yet!

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