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Your All-in-one Store for Glass Accessories Across Canada

Over the years, Independent Glass Distributors Ltd has been helping Canadian businesses with auto glass accessories. If you’re a business owner looking for glass accessories across Canada, your search ends here! We understand that you need the necessary tools and accessories for the installation, repair, and maintenance of automotive glass. Unfortunately, with the advent of technology, the equipment and accessories turn obsolete rather quickly! However, if there is something that hasn’t changed with the changing times, it is the name you can trust for quality accessories. Contact the distribution centre (we have seven of them) that is near to you.

Different Accessories We Stock

When it is the question of getting necessary glass accessories on time, businesses in Canada turn to Independent Glass Distributors Ltd. It’s not just that we are an old and trusted name in the industry; we have evolved over the years to stay relevant. You can contact us for the following items:


Burco Mirrors

  • Truck Rear Slider
    A truck rear slider is the glass located at the back of 4x4 trucks. The slider glass used in trucks comes in a variety of shapes and forms, whether it’s the truck slider windows made of safety glass, tri-panel truck sliders, four-panel truck sliders, or the ones used in customizable window panels. Make use of our extensive inventory to order products which meet your budget and specifications. Our knowledgeable customer service employees would be happy to answer your queries. Truck Rear Slider
  • Mouldings
    Modern-day automobiles have a lot of plastic components by volume. An injection-moulding machine makes it easier to manufacture plastic products of desired shape, flexibility, and strength. If your business involves dealing with automobiles and you need a reliable distributor to take care of mouldings relating to the auto glass industry, then Independent Glass Distributors Ltd is the company for you. Mouldings
  • Clips and Clip-packs
    Whether you are a collision repair shop or an automobile service centre, the need for automotive clips, which are used to keep upholstery and snap auto parts and panel in place, is universal. That’s where we come into the picture! Our selection of auto plastic clips and clip-packs coupled with our systematic distribution network helps us to deliver the products on time. Clips and Clip-packs
  • Urethanes and Primers
    Installation of automotive glass requires a lot of tools and accessories, and getting them is not a problem when you choose us. Urethanes and primers are industrial polymers that are used to promote the bonding and adhesion of urethanes to the surfaces. Gain the trust of your customers with the use of top-of-the-line adhesives that have stood the test of time. Get them from us at competitive prices.
  • Tools
    Auto glass work uses tools such as moulding removal tools, cut-out tools, razor blades and scrapers, suction cups, caulking guns and protective equipment. When you’re working, you need the tools to complete the job on time. For all the tools pertaining to automotive glass repair, installation, and maintenance services, get in touch with us.
  • Wiper Blades
    Wiper blades are used in automobiles to remove snow, rain, and debris from your car’s front and rear windows (rear wipers are used in some automobiles). Whether you’re dealing with a basic automobile wiper system or the latest driver-programmable windscreen wipers that detect the presence of snow and rain, you can depend on us for wiper blades. We have seven distribution centres across Canada.
  • Windshield Repair
    The windshield does more than keeping out rain and bugs – it offers structural roof support in the event of a rollover. Professional repair of windshields involves auto glass accessories and other tools. Although several windshield repair kits are available on the market, finding the right set of tools can be a little tricky. However, our customer service employees can help you to choose from an array of top-of-the-line windshield repair tools at competitive prices.
  • Cleaners and Miscellaneous
    We distribute auto glass cleaners, sanding belts, and vinyl-and-leather conditioners to help you repair, install, and maintain auto glass. Whether it is white spray grease or glass-cleaner cans, we can deliver automobile cleaning accessories at competitive prices to our B2B clients. If you were involved in auto glass cleaning services, you’d know that quality cleaning solvents could make the job a lot easier. We stock high-performance cleaning solutions and accessories you need to effectively loosen and remove dirt from the glass, and buff them off with a cleaning cloth.

We Distribute Glass Accessories Across Canada

For any business which is looking for glass accessories, Independent Glass Distributors Ltd is the company to contact

The Quality You Can Trust

At Independent Glass Distributors Ltd, we only stock quality products. Come to us car accessories from trusted and popular brands including:

Gold Glass Group
WRD Glass tools
Delta Kits
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